No Equity Home was Listed for 45+ Days with Agent But No Offers – Our Offer was the Solution

Indianapolis, in

The property had undergone a complete renovation before the sellers purchased it using an FHA loan. After we acquired the property and turned it into a rental property. Currently, it generates a positive cash flow of $1,000 per month for us.


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The Challenge

The sellers acquired this property in 2021 through an FHA loan, providing a down payment of only 3.5%. Additionally, they faced challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to them falling behind on some of their monthly mortgage payments. As a result, they had to secure a second loan on the property.

In December 2022, the seller was presented with a new work opportunity in Savannah, GA, which prompted the need to sell their house. In response, they enlisted the services of a real estate agent to help with the sale of the property through the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

Because the seller had to secure a second mortgage on their property, and considering the sluggish real estate market at the time, this property now was faced with little to no equity and their agent had to adjust the list price. This was done to ensure that, after covering both agent commissions and closing fees, the seller wouldn’t be required to make an additional payment at the time of closing to sell their house.

How Did We
Help The Seller & Agent?

After the listing had been on the market for 45 days, we reached out to the agent with our innovative acquisition proposal.

Initially, the agent had some reservations since she was unfamiliar with this type of offer. However, her willingness to learn led to 3-4 phone conversations where she became more comfortable with the proposal. Eventually, she felt confident enough to present the offer to the sellers.

The sellers quickly recognized the advantages of our offer, as it effectively resolved all their concerns. Notably, they were able to leave the transaction with an extra $3,000 in hand. In contrast, if they had chosen a conventional retail buyer, they would have been required to bring $10,000 to the closing table.

Following one more discussion with the sellers, we successfully entered into a contract, opened escrow and concluded the transaction through Monument Title Insurance Company just two weeks later.

The Results

The issues only we were able to solve

Low Equity Home
No Serious Offers
Slow Market Conditions
Agent Couldn't Find Buyer
Seller Needed Money to Move
Fast Closing Needed

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